Learn Local SEO? Yes!

Depending on whom you ask, SEO is an art-form, science, skill or all of the above involving on- and off-page optimization techniques to improve website visibility on Google and Bing SERP(s), as well as popular portals like AOL and Yahoo – oh, and don’t forget Ask.com!

The local part of SEO includes optimization to increase visibility for local-audiences with a focus on semantic code which includes page titles, meta descriptions and of course content, as well as local citations (off-page optimization / linkbuilding).

Learning Local SEO: When & Why Matters

If you sell goods or provide services targeted to customers throughout the Las Vegas valley, then Local SEO always matters – the same circumstance is why it matters!

In addition, one immediate and very important reason why is because one or all of your competitors are already working their tail off to improve their website’s visibility because a search engine’s goal is to provide geographically-local results for mobile users when searching for what they need – results nearest to that device (i.e., the person searching).

The Question is: DIY … or Hire Out?

First, if you have the curiousity, inclination and time to learn local SEO, as well as the savvy to implement it for your website(s), then by all means – learn local SEO.

However, if you are simply too busy managing other aspects of your company and budget allows, then – find and hire a local SEO provider.